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Our beeswax candles are all natural. Each candle is handmade with love.

Why Beeswax?

Beeswax is a natural product that bees produce. It is safe and has many benefits to our environment. Beeswax burns clean and doesn't add unnatural chemicals to your environment. In fact burning beeswax removes negative ions from the area. Beeswax is hypoallergenic and will not irritate sensitive lung conditions such as asthma. Beeswax is the longest burning, clean wax on the market. It is a luxurious candle and once you burn beeswax other candles just won't measure up. Most candles are made from paraffins or a mixture thereof. These toxins release harmful chemicals in the air so much so that the regulatory agencies have to regulate what are safe amounts for these waxes. But not with beeswax. You get a safe, natural, clean burn every time. Beeswax has a natural honey scent that mixes well with our fragrance oils to give you a bit of aromatic heaven. Try our candles and see the difference today.

Mango & Gardenia has:

Top Notes
Peach, Coconut
Middle Notes
Gardenia, Mango
Base Notes
Tonka Bean, Light Musk
White Tea & Lavender has:
Top Notes
Mandarin and lemongrass
Middle Notes
Bergamot and ginger
Base Notes
White Tea & Jasmine enriched with heavenly lavender
Sparkling Grapefruit
Top Notes
Champagne and orange peel 
Middle Notes
Grapefruit and peach
Base Notes
Ginger, powder, and vanilla
Lemon Pound cake
Top Notes
Zesty lemon rinds
Middle Notes
Buttery yellow sponge cake, toasted coconut
Base Notes
Buttercream frosting
Blueberry Parfait
Top Notes
Juicy blueberries dusted with sugar and spice
Middle Notes
Rich cream cheese 
Base Notes
Sweet graham cracker crumbles
Sweet Rose
True Rose Scent
Green Apple
True Green Apple Scent

1 9oz candle burns for approximately 50 hours.