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Caramel Frappe Foaming Sugar Scrub

Caramel Frappe Foaming Sugar Scrub

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The Caramel Frappe Foaming Sugar Scrub is a delightful blend of freshly ground coffee beans, caramel, sugar, milk, and vanilla. This unique scrub is not your usual sugar scrub. It's made with three rich butters: Shea, cocoa, and Mango, and is delicately crafted with all-natural ingredients. It's also sulfate-free and vegan-friendly.

Our sugar scrubs do more than just exfoliate your skin. They also cleanse, creating a luxurious foaming effect when mixed with water. This scrub polishes your skin, leaving it silky, hydrated, and glowing. We've also added Hemp oil to enhance the scrub's benefits.

Finally, the essential oil fragrances in this scrub will tantalize your senses, providing a full spa experience right in the comfort of your own home. Experience the indulgence of the Caramel Frappe Foaming Sugar Scrub today.

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